Register for Classes

Students will receive an email from Student Success before registration opens that outlines course schedules. Students use their activated VU NetID and e-password to log into YES and register for classes. If students experience issues with logging into YES, they should contact the University Registrar’s office at +1-615-322-7701.

Here are the instructions to register for classes:

Adding a Class to the Cart

  1. On the student landing page, click “Student Registration”
  2. Use the dropdown arrow to select the term
  3. Enter the subject area, course number, or title into the textbox and click “Search”
  4. To search using additional criteria click “Advanced”
  5. Once you click “Search,” the class information will appear

Enrolling from the Class Cart

  1. Confirm that you are within your registration window by clicking on the date in the “Enrollment Dates” section
  2. View the class(es) in your cart by clicking in the “In Cart” section as indicated above
  3. The class(es) in your cart will appear. If the class has variable hours, you can edit this information using the icon to the right of the class
  4. To register, click on the drop down arrow to the left of the class and select “Enroll”
  5. If registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation message on the bottom right corner. If registration is not successful, an error message will appear with the reason why.

**Students who enroll in online courses will be prompted to enter their Location of Learning. Students will receive an error message until this step is completed.


Once you are granted course access please be sure to review your course syllabus for further information on the required texts for each term. Articles and other readings will be available through 2VU or online. If you have questions please reach out to your course professor.