Campus Convenings

Release of Dates

Convening dates will be released as far in advance as possible; however, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration, including on-campus event schedules, faculty availability, community events, and other logistics. At the latest, students will receive convening dates the term before the convening is scheduled to take place.

Convening Attendance

Students in the Peabody Online program are required to attend three on-campus convenings over the course of their program. Convenings are aligned with LLO’s structured plan of study, and designed to facilitate effective completion of the capstone. In light of this, both the sequence and timing of the convenings are critical, and students should plan to attend their scheduled convening in line with the LLO structured plan of study. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from attending his or her scheduled convening, that student must petition the Program Director regarding alternatives. To receive a form for the petition process, please reach out to your Student Success Advisor.

Convening I: Applied Inquiry (1 credit hour)

The first convening occurs after successful completion of the first three terms of LLO coursework and has two primary goals. The first is to build community with the program faculty and classmates, and to strengthen connections with Peabody College and Vanderbilt University. The second is to build on first-year coursework and develop the skills necessary to undertake capstone project work. Models of evidence-based practice, methods for connecting course content to organization and problem analysis, skills in identifying researchable questions, and developing a systematic review of the literature will be major components of the first campus convening.

Convening II: Qualitative Analysis (1 credit hour)

The second convening occurs in the sixth term of the course of study, and focuses on qualitative research. While most LLO methodological coursework is quantitative in nature, students will need to acquire skills in interviewing, conducting focus groups, analyzing and coding content, and other forms of qualitative inquiry to investigate aspects of the focal organization and its key stakeholders.

Convening III: Final Capstone Presentations (1 credit hour)

The third campus convening occurs near the end of the ninth and final term of the LLO program of study. This final convening will provide an opportunity for students to present their capstone projects and answer questions from faculty, practitioners, and classmates. Special events to recognize the accomplishments of the students will also be part of this convening.

Convening Details

For details about accommodations, travel, and dress code, please review the campus convening information document.