Student Resources

YES User Guides

Your YES account is your VU command center for all VU academic and administrative resources. To access YES Student User Guides, click here.

2VU User Guides

Upon logging in to the online campus, 2VU, you will be directed to the home page. From your main page you can navigate to all of the information you need on the platform.

Online Campus Mobile App

The Online Campus Mobile App is a supplementary app that allows users to access the online campus on the go and is available in the App Store and Google Play. This app is a mobile channel for students to stay connected to their courses, faculty and classmates and allows students to:

  • Access and view coursework lecture modules
  • View and add posts on all walls
  • Download asynchronous material while online to be viewed offline
  • Search for contacts and much more

The mobile campus app is convenient for viewing course content on the go; however, a computer is required to view session recordings, upload and attach documents, submit assignments, and attend live sessions.

In order to access the online campus mobile app, you must have a 2VU account.

Technology Best Practices

In addition to preparing for academic success as a student in an online program, it is important to ensure your technology meets program requirements.


  • A laptop or desktop computer (tablets are not compatible with all features)
  • An internal or external webcam for your computer
  • A strong, reliable internet connection
  • At least two of the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (Mac only)
  • A laptop or desktop computer (Tablet, Surface Pro, Chromebook are not compatible with all features)


  • Test all computers that you will use for coursework or live session attendance.
  • Plan to be “hard wired” (using an Ethernet cable) to your router or modem at all times when using the live platform. Even the best WiFi connection or wireless signal may become unstable and drop you from the session.
  • Do not attend class from public locations like cafes or restaurants.
  • Restart your computer at least twice per week to process any system updates.
  • Clear your internet browser cache and cookies to increase your browsing speed.


Also, performing a speed test may be helpful in determining the speed and quality of your internet connection. To conduct a Speed Test, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the speed test website.
  2. Perform speed test by selecting “Begin Test.”
    1. The number for PING must be below 100.
    2. Your download speed should be more than 6 megabytes per second.
    3. Your upload speed should be more than 2 megabytes per second. If your speed test shows any numbers outside of the norm, please contact your internet service provider immediately.