New Student Requirements

Official Transcripts

If you have not done so already, you must provide official transcript(s) showing conferral of all degree(s) and any graduate-level work (if applicable). Each transcript must be an original official transcript with the registrar’s stamp or signature. Scanned, photocopied, or uploaded transcripts submitted as part of your application for admission do not fulfill this requirement.

To avoid jeopardizing your enrollment in the Leadership and Learning in Organizations program, you must provide your official transcript(s) prior to your first term. Please send all official transcripts to:  

Vanderbilt University
Application Processing Center
Peabody Online
PO Box 30096 025-001
College Station, TX 77842

Official Electronic Transcripts should be sent to:

Vanderbilt Health Insurance

Vanderbilt University requires all eligible students to be covered by a health insurance plan that is comparable to or exceeds the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through the University.

If you have other insurance and do not wish to participate in the Student Injury and Sickness Plan, you must complete an online waiver form indicating your other insurance information or you will remain enrolled in the plan offered by the university and will be responsible for paying the insurance premium.

All students who wish to waive coverage are required to complete an online form at the beginning of each academic year. Visit the Vanderbilt University Student Accounts website for more information.

Transfer Credit Form

You must transfer 30 graduate credits from your master’s (or other graduate degree) into your Ed.D. program. A Professional Credit Transfer Form and instructions can be found in your 2VU Orientation Course.

Instructions on completing the form:

A full degree program is comprised of 54 credit hours in addition to 30 transfer hours from an accepted master’s degree for a total of 84 credit hours. Transfer courses must be graduate level and taken at a regionally accredited institution with an earned grade of a B or better. Grades of High Pass, Pass, or Satisfactory will transfer if part of an earned Master’s degree. If a student is transferring credits from multiple universities, they should submit a form for each university. Depending on how credits are awarded (e.g. 4 versus 3 credits for a class), students can sometimes go slightly over 30. This is not a problem; students should aim to get as close to 30 as possible, but never under the 30 credits. Students should transfer in the courses most relevant to the Ed.D. program of study, but transferred courses from a master’s degree of an unrelated field of study are still acceptable.

This form should be uploaded to your Orientation Course in the 2VU portal prior to the start of classes.

Background Check

All Peabody College students will be required to complete a background check. Prior to the start of classes you will be provided access to the background check process and instructions in your 2VU Orientation Course. Background check clearance items must be completed prior to your first day of classes.

At this time, Ed.D. students are not required to undergo fingerprinting as part of the CHBC process. However, fingerprinting will be required if class assignments or research for your final capstone project put you in contact with children or other vulnerable populations. This requirement will be evaluated on a case by case basis as you work through the program and you will receive additional instructions if this applies to you.

Online Modules

Vanderbilt devotes considerable resources to assisting students in making intelligent choices regarding their own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of other students and the larger Vanderbilt community. Among these resources are online education programs designed to provide critical information about our community’s expectations. The Office of the Dean of Students will contact you via your Vanderbilt email address when the modules are available with information about the program requirements, access information, and deadlines when the modules are available. For more information about these requirements, visit the Vanderbilt University website or contact